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Donna Lyons

Donna Lyons is the producer and founder of The LYONS Radio Network. She is a News Journalist, Radio Show Host, Talk Show Host, Author and Managing Editor based in Washington, D.C..  She has been featured on Fox and Friends, CNN along with many local news and talk shows, and National radio shows.


She had her own television show called Armed Forces. The show examined hot topics and issues affecting our Armed Forces both at home and abroad and brought crucial information to our Veterans and their families.


Donna is published in many defense and military magazines worldwide with topics such as Military News, Defense News, Veterans Affairs, The Military Communities, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, Law Enforcement, WWII Veterans, and Female Service Members along with two weekly columns for Examiner.com. Donna just finished a publication for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as Managing Editor.


She also co-authored a book called “12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got”, a book that takes an unprecedented look into the REAL lives of Army wives.

Gina Meyer

Gina Meyer is the Founder of Owie BowWowie and Friends Foundation. Owie BowWowie and Friends is a non-profit organization that creates and gives gifts of comfort to children who are hospitalized with a life-threatening illness in the form of a stuffed, plush toy named: Owie BowWowie. Owie is used to comfort the hurts and hearts of hospitalized children. 

She is also the author of Onward by Faith: A Mother’s Journey to Iraq and Back. She took the diary she kept while her son was deployed and wrote a book that all Marine families can find strength and comfort in reading. It’s about God, country and faith. Rather, it tells of the difficult times, joys and disappointments that a mother and family face when their loved one serves the military.

Gina is the Co-Founder of Marine Comfort Quilts, which provided thousands of quilts for Gold Star Moms. The group’s mission was to deliver a comfort quilt to each mother of the fallen who have given their life for our freedom.


She is a writer for many publications and was the assistant editor and contributor for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundations annual publication.

Super Star


High school motivational speaker, Super Star, yes that’s his legal name, was once a former owner/president of a successful cutting-edge computer consulting firm and he lost it all to a 15 year drug addiction. Super Star has since left his life on the streets in pursuit of recovery, so he could mingle with Hollywood’s elite and follow his dreams. He has subsequently rebuilt his life with a purpose and commitment and now devotes his time to inspire others to move beyond destructive behaviors including anti-substance use campaigning. In his quest, he legally changed his name to Super Star so that people would remember his message and guess what? It’s working!

Today, he is a sought after Middle and High School Motivational Speaker, Recording Artist, an Author, Professional Dream Catcher Coach and Columnist. Through his work, Super Star’s goal is to engage teens and adults in crucial conversations about the impact of those things that hold people back from realizing their dreams including substance use disorder. Super Star wants people to know you don’t need to party or use drugs to be a “star”. His message is about inspiring others to see that there is a light out of the darkness; that there is HOPE. Super Star overcame obstacles with a creative boldness to invent the life he was born to live.

His journey began with creating the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT where he co-created with his twin brother, Serenity, a CD featuring a host of world renowned artists including current and former members of the bands Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He additionally penned the critically acclaimed book, The First 30 Days to Serenity which has received accolades from professionals in the field of addiction.

DA Cole

If the “new” music business is all about image, then D.A. Cole certainly has that covered. But this Urban Cowboy has a lot more to offer than just physical appeal. Recording and performing his self-written songs styled and personally described as “Concrete Country.” They include everything from Ballads and Rock Gospel inspired songs that display his vocal diversity, range and power, to memorable catchy Pop hooked tunes. D.A. Has a broad range of writing ability that does not confine him to any specific genre. He has written many songs in addition to the songs he has been marketed to Country Radio with. D.A. Performs in Nashville and many other National stages and has also carved out a career as a popular NYC venue singer.

His newest single “Coming Home to Country” has been on the charts consistently since it’s release.

D.A. is also an advocate for our Military Veterans and all who have served our country.

Chad Wooten

Chad grew up in Texas with his sister Kaylee to parents Carl and Jonet Wooten. As a youth he was very active in the outdoors and played many sports including football, hockey, wakeboarding, and track and field. Upon graduating from high school in 2006 Chad enlisted in the Marine Corps as a Machine Gunner. Chads first duty station was on board Marine Corps base 29 Palms with 1st Battalion 7th Marines where he completed 2 deployments to Iraq (2007-2008 and 2008-2009), and one deployment to the pacific on the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (2010). In 2011 Chad went to Marine Special Operations Command for Assessment and Selection. After being selected, Chad moved to North Carolina where he finished out his career with one more deployment in 2013, and finally being medically retired in 2017. Since getting out of service Chad moved to the Upstate of South Carolina where he is once again close to family. Chad has made it his mission to continue to serve the Veteran community and has been working with Upstate Warrior Solution since July of this year. 

Ima Sumac Watkins 

Ima Sumac Watkins studied healing arts for over 25 years as a way to balance out her demanding hours working for the who’s who in entertainment like HBO and many more. The experience and successes she was seeing in her own life inspired her to develop her abilities and training as a clairvoyant, medium, and channel. This expanded her career by merging with her passion to help others do the same. Ima realized that the key was her accurate and trained abilities to see what others couldn’t and transfer that into finding the elevated answers and results people were seeking in their careers, businesses, and lifestyles.


During this time of her own discovery and investigation, she continued to work as a producer, film and TV editor, as well as a managing editor of a popular online magazine. With word of mouth spreading among her clients and their circles as the go-to person, Ima transitioned full time as teacher, spiritual counselor, and adviser for well-known companies and groups. She also focused her attention on one market: female business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, disruptors, and innovators in every industry by collaborating, navigating strategies, and leading their visions into more effective outcomes and tangible results with a much more comprehensive and advanced way to do so.

Jess! Pfohl

Jess! Pfohl is a self-taught 21st century American Artist from Baltimore, MD. Jess graduated from St. Bonaventure University in Journalism and Mass Communications and Marketing. In 2012, Jess was endorsed by Campbell’s Soup in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. In 2016, Jess headlined the Music is Art Festival supporting the Goo Goo Dolls, with her visual art installation Sexposé.


Jess works with many artists throughout a wide range of mediums including film, photography, textile and music. Jess attributes the combination of these experiences as being the core influence of her work, which tends to revolve around human behavior and interest.


Jess has works permanently installed at Brooklyn Bowl-Brooklyn, NY, E-Villa-Atlanta, GA and The Alchemy of Art-Baltimore, MD.


Jess’ Watercolor and Inks is licensed for design in the Gift and Home Décor Industry. The original Pink Claw Crab displayed at the Baltimore Museum of Art among the product it inspired (2016.) Jess continues to paint in this style, regularly updating the art and design catalog; there are over 800 images and combinations. Product designed by the artist is available in stores throughout the United States, most notably at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


In 2018, The Regina A. Quick Arts Center at St. Bonaventure University hosted Jess as their “Artist in Residency.” Jess spent a week on campus working with students while displaying 48 works and painting live. The 2 original canvases left behind are part of their permanent collection and hang in the company of her creative idol, Andy Warhol.


Jess hosts a weekly talk show on Lyons Radio Network on IHeartRadio. Joined by her peers, she discusses arts and culture with a wide range of active artists and creators.


Jess is represented by ALI Agency-Vermont for commercial licensing

Owie BowWowie

There’s a dog on the loose at children’s hospitals. He roams the hallways, peeks behind closed doors, and patiently waits outside treatment rooms. He is the cuddliest, most loving dog that has eFUR been stuffed with love, and he is known for his uncanny ability to sniff out lonely and hurting hearts a mile away. His name is Owie BowWowie and he has one purpose in life: to comfort the “hurts and hearts” of hospitalized children, #OneOwieAtATime!

Owie BowWowie is also an award winning pup, and has traveled all over the world bringing comfort and joy (disguised as a toy) to those who need him the most. 

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