Gina Renay & Donna Lyons

It’s the PARTY LINE show with hosts Gina Renay and Donna Lyons.

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So, tune in on Monday mornings for lots of laughs with your entertaining hosts and YOU! Grab your cup of coffee, tea or maybe a mimosa , relax, pick up your phone and let's get the Party Line going! This show is about YOU for YOU!

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Donna Lyons

It's the talk of the town. You're locked with Host Donna Lyons for the latest in entertainment plus the most engaging talks with top actors and musicians from Hollywood to Broadway. “It's All Entertainment” - delivering the buzz and the scoop in 3, 2, 1...

Super Star

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT is a 60 minute radio show hosted by someone who has proven more times than not that reliance, perseverance and love ultimately will always lead one to becoming their own Super Star. Your host, legally named Super Star, is an Author, Musician, Americas Most Requested Youth Speaker for Teens and the Entertainment Industries “go-to” celebrity Sobriety Coach.


His willingness to share his struggles that allowed him to find his way out of the darkness and into the light of sobriety and success will leave the listener coming back each week to hear even more of his story. Along with his celebrity guests, musicians, professionals in the field of addiction / mental health and many others who have also triumphed through their darkest moments, you will learn new ways and discover new tools allowing you to create your own personal road-map that will lead you down the path of what success means to you.

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Ima Sumac Watkins


Donna Lyons

The Mind Twist - Conspiracy Theory radio show brings you some of the world’s most controversial, thought-provoking and unresolved conspiracy theories. We cut through the red tape and take a closer look at the paradoxes, evidences and history. The harder it is to believe, the more intriguing it becomes. Let’s unravel the evidence together and find what’s concealed within the worlds most disputed conspiracies and get to the truth.  Join Hosts Ima Sumac Watkins and Donna Lyons in the conversation!

 Donna Lyons

Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss is an entertaining and appealing radio show hosted by news journalist and television host Donna Lyons. The show covers just about any topic you can think of! Don’t forget to tune in! 


 TURNING UP THE HEAT with Country artist D.A. COLE. DA will be firing things up with his provocative approach to talk radio on his new show "TURNING UP THE HEAT". 

Chad Wotten

Military Hour, hosted by, Chad Wooten,  examines hot topics and issues affecting our Armed Forces both at home and abroad. We answer questions that veterans and military families may have. Each week we have guests and organizations on to talk about making a difference. We focus on the military community and the latest events taking place across the country and foreign affairs. 

Ima Sumac Watkins

Spiritual Intelligence is a show spirituality grounded in reality.

Learn from your host and the great teachings of the universe.

Remember There is power behind love, self-acceptance and being open to a whole new world, a psychic and spiritual awakening.

Learn about Intuition, psychic ability, and healing. 

We are all intuitive. We all have our own superpowers to use our intuition. We can all consciously create our lives and make them how we want them to be. Be on the receiving end of abundance.


The show will bring you real stories, about real people that have been life changing, and take you on a personal journey of deep self-exploration.


The Answers are right inside of you.  Join Ima weekly!

Jess! Pfohl

JessMessin’ Broadcast is hosted by Jess! Pfohl a visual artist from Baltimore, MD. Jess invites those who have inspired her to recount their tales of becoming professional artists and creators. Through sharing memories and stories, Jess and her guests relive experiences, discuss new projects and foster new ideas…all while making sense of this crazy pop culture world we live in. 


Tune in weekly for a variety of guests ranging from musicians, designers, artists and entrepreneurs who are actively creating the world around us.